John C.

“When I first bought my hypnosis cd’s I had a great deal of problems with anger. I also had problems with focus and concentration. I could not get exercise done or other things I had to get done like housework. I have been using my 4 cd’s daily( I have reduce your stress,Anger management, Reduce your clutter and fitness feels good) for about a month and a half. I must say hypnosis has been a lifesaver for Me and my relationship with my wife. Also my relationship with my son has been greatly improved because I am no longer as easily distracted as I once was. I have ADD and can’t take medication for as meds I was on for 16 plus years has damaged my liver and kidneys and I now have liver and kidney diseases. I also suffered with stress related and anxiety issues. this has greatly improved. I have my wife to thank as she suggested I try hypnosis as she had heard it works wonders. I have to say she is the love of my life and she made a wonderful suggestion. Hypnosis works and has basically saved my marriage and the way I was living my life. I would gladly refer anyone who asked Me to Janet Marvin and the Barrie hypnosis centre. Thank you very much Janet for your great cd’s. I will be buying two more cd’s this month. Thanks so much.”

— John C.