Letting Hypnosis Work For You

So what can Hypnosis do for you? The answer is Hypnosis can be used to make you feel better, improve your general functioning to make you feel better mentally or physically.
But what about what can Hypnosis do to you? Hypnosis is not in any way harmful, but some folks have reservations. Questions such as : when i am in a trance can you make me cluck like a chicken or bark ike a dog? Could i stay frozen in one position and never come out of it? Or could i harm myself. The net of these questions are, can a Hypnotist make you do something that is embarrassing , or shocking? The simple answer is you will not do anything you do not think is acceptable. Period. You cannot be made to violate your own values. It’s important to note that you can terminate your Hypnotic trance at any time you desire of your own free will.
If your Hypnotist ever left you in a trance state you would return to full consciousness on you own, or enter a natural peaceful sleep and awaken after a short nap refreshed.
So now that you know the Hypnotic state is safe territory, you can examine the ways Hypnosis can be used for your benefit. Here are some ways.

1) Improves sleep, reduces stress, controls painful symptoms
2) Control some organic functions for those who suffer from high blood pressure.
3) Develop abnormal abilities of concentration which can help students prepare for exams.
4) Gain control of your sub conscious to help you quit smoking, or loose weight . help you over come fears and phobias. Improve your seld esteem and improve confidence levels