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So you want to quit smoking ? Really?

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | May 6, 2021

The Scenario… most of your friends are saying you’ve got to quit smoking, you’ve got to quit, think of all the money you are wasting. it will kill you , blah blah blah. The problem is smoking doesn’t kill you right away, it kind of sneaks up on you…eventually. It’s like having a daily glass…

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Hypnosis Toronto

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Mar 8, 2021

Hypnosis is a noun and is defined as“the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behavior by suggestion, has been revived but is…

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Letting Hypnosis Work For You

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Nov 10, 2020

So what can Hypnosis do for you? The answer is Hypnosis can be used to make you feel better, improve your general functioning to make you feel better mentally or physically.But what about what can Hypnosis do to you? Hypnosis is not in any way harmful, but some folks have reservations. Questions such as :…

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The History of Hypnosis

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Oct 22, 2020

The earliest evidence of the use of Hypnosis can be traced to the Shamans. They were often referred to as “healers” or even “witch doctors”. In preparation for their healing session, the shaman would avoid the use of alcohol and chemical substances 24 hours before the healing session.They would often isolate themselves in a forest…

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One Session, to Quit Smoking

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Oct 14, 2020

Over the past 15 years, Janet has perfected the One Session to Stop Smoking. Smoking is a habit, plain and simple. And habits can be changed. The key is you have to want to quit smoking. It can’t be for your spouse or your children. It’s got to be for you and what you absolutely…

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Oct 7, 2020

Wanting to lose weight was always an ongoing battle for me over the years. Always just wanting to lose that 10-15 pounds. So one day I heard about Hypnosis for Weight Loss, I made the decision to enroll. It changed my life, that night after the first session I was at a dinner party and…

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Breathing and it’s importance

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Sep 28, 2020

Our bodies love rhythm, our hearts beat to a definite rhythm, our blood pumps to a rhythm, our cells replace themselves to a rhythm, we sleep in a rhythm and most importantly we breathe to a rhythm. In and out, in and out , on an average , can you believe it’s about 20,000 times…

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Hypnosis to quit smoking

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Sep 24, 2020

Habits. Our habits are usually so well ingrained it almost seems to be a reflexive action. Each habit we do has it own unique satisfaction. Taking away one of our habits can cause us personal distress and can create severe disruption to us. Smoking is nothing more than an ingrained and powerful habit. You may…

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What can Hypnosis be used for ?

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Sep 23, 2020

At The Toronto Hypnosis Centre, hypnosis can be used for the following : weight loss, quit smoking, stress, phobias, self esteem, motivation, sports improvement , creativity, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking and self confidence, just to name a few .

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What is Hypnosis ?

By Toronto Hypnosis Centre | Sep 23, 2020

By relaxing your conscious mind using hypnosis we can speak to the sub-conscious part of your mind.

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