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Just a Few Testimonials About My Hypnotherapy Programs

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that these specific results will happen since each person’s results will vary

About Hypnotherapy Services for Weight Loss

Julie B.

“Wow what a difference, I actually look for and crave healthy foods. I am losing … Read More →

Karen M.

“I’ve now lost 16 pds, enjoying my water and look forward to my exercise routine….” … Read More →

Alison S.

“I’ve been a binge eater for years and finally it has stopped. I am eating … Read More →

Bill J.

“Junk food is now disgusting. I plan ahead and find healthy foods even when I … Read More →

About Hypnosis Sessions to Quit Smoking


“Hi Janet: I had my last cigarette last Sunday at 1:30 PM before my appointment … Read More →

Peter J.

“I walked out a non-smoker, my family and I still can’t believe it. I’ve tried … Read More →

Jane R.

“Thank you Janet…I’ve quit and didn’t gain any weight.  In fact I’m walking every day … Read More →

“Dear Janet, I just past my 6th week without smoking! I just wanted to let … Read More →

About Hypnotherapy Services to Overcome Different Fears

Debbie B.

“Fear of Spiders…Finally after all of these years, I am not focused on spiders and … Read More →

Bill R.

“Fear of Flying….I just got back from a wonderful holiday in the Caribbean and enjoyed … Read More →

“Fear of Bridges… Thank you for your help with my driving over bridge fear. Much … Read More →

About Hypnotherapy Services for Other Problems Like Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Robin C.

“My doctor made her best attempts to relieve my symptoms and then recommended I try … Read More →

Ed S.

“Stuttering since Childhood…Janet made me feel so comfortable and has unlocked the outgoing person trapped … Read More →

Abby C.

“Extreme Anxiety and Panic Attacks…I started a new job after being hypnotized. Normally I would … Read More →

John C.

“I have exciting news to share with you. Yesterday I went in for sinus surgery … Read More →


“Hello Janet, I am doing great! Thank you for following up. To bring you up … Read More →

About Me and My Work


“Janet is very professional and takes the time to really listen to your goals and … Read More →

John C.

“When I first bought my hypnosis cd’s I had a great deal of problems with … Read More →


“Hi Janet, thank you so much. for all your kindness with Katie, you sure are … Read More →


“Thank you Janet, I won’t listen to anyone….I’ll just keep doing my thing and getting … Read More →

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