Hypnosis For Weight Loss in Toronto

“Weight Loss is about eating the right foods at the right times, loving water and enjoying exercise.
At the Toronto Hypnosis Centre, using hypnosis for weight loss is not a diet. It is wanting to eat healthy foods not having to! It’s wanting to exercise not having to!
After your first session you will:
Crave water;
Be attracted to healthy foods!
The following two sessions will then deal with:
Portion control;
Emotional eating;
Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is changing how you think about food and moving your body. 99% of my clients know what they should be eating but they aren’t. Hypnosis helps you desire the right foods at the right times in the right portion sizes and then it is your new habit.
Habits take 21-28 days to form and then that is your new habit!
You deserve to feel good everyday. Stop feeling guilty about the past and plan for a new future....start today!
At the Toronto Hypnosis Centre your payment is broken up and you pay per session. 95% of my clients return for their 2nd and 3rd session because they experience results after their first session.
Our Hypnosis for Weight Loss program includes
“Three private, personalized hypnosis sessions
Two personalized Audio files , tailored to your needs
One cd or file entitled "Sugar & Carb Addicts Beware"
One cd or file entitled "Fitness Feels Good"
Your sessions are spread out to encourage lasting change.
At the Toronto Hypnosis Centre our motto is “ change your mind , change your life “

Text Janet at 1 (416) 333-3903, or call about Hypnosis for Weight Loss “